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Hello SEers! Harmony here 🙂

Today, I’d like to take a look at how to offer autographs on your digital books using Authorgraph. Also, you can get this service embedded on your blog/website rather easily. How cool is that?

With Authorgraph, you can send, request, or receive author autographs. It’s easy to sign up (for FREE) using this link:

This takes you to a page that looks like this:

Once you’ve signed in, you have a few options:

You can add all of your ebooks, as long as you have them listed on the Amazon platform. You will need an Amazon ASIN for each book, which you can find in a number of places such as your KDP account books page or your book sales page. Once you have that, then input it as so …

And click on ‘Add Book’.

Repeat this for each of your Amazon ebooks.

(While your books need to be on Kindle to use the Authorgraph service, a reader can use any device, as Authorgraphs are available on many platforms. Readers can simply enter a regular email address at the time of their request and they will receive an email with links to download a PDF version (viewable in applications like iBooks) or an AZW version (viewable in all Kindle apps on iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, etc.) of their Authorgraph.)

To then embed the Authorgraph widget on your blog/website, you need to click on the ‘Authorgraph Widget’ option on the dropdown menu shown above, which then opens up a page that looks like this …

You will see that you have two options; one for non-Worpress sites and another for WordPress sites. Copy and paste the relevant code. You can then embed this on your website/blog in the same way that I described on Embedding Amazon Previews On Your Website on April 10th.

And, voila, here’s how it looks …

Your readers will have a dropdown menu so that they can select which of your books for which they want your autograph …

Once your reader clicks on ‘Go’, they then have the option to send you a message with their request, or they can skip through that part.

Once they are all done, they get the following …

Authorgraph will notify you via email that you have a new request.


It is easy to set up your signature (or, if you prefer, you can simply add a typed name). Also, as each request goes out to a specific reader, you can send them a personalised message along with your autograph.

You will find all your requests on the ‘Your Requests’ option on the above dropdown menu. When you click on ‘Sign It’, next to the request listed, this page opens up ….

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a way of these autographs actually appearing within the ebook; instead, the reader receives a separate PDF or AZW file that they can add to their ereader. Still, it’s better than not being able to offer digital book signing at all.

(N.B: If your reader has the digital signature delivered to their Kindle through Amazon’s Personal Document Service, they could be charged for the transmission by Amazon. This has nothing to do with Authorgraph, which remains completely free of charge for both readers and authors.)

Okay, that’s it from me today! I hope you find this useful.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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Harmony Kent

81 thoughts on “Digital Book Signing

  1. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. Sadly, I ended up sick and in bed for about three days with a fever/virus and am now spending my Sunday playing catchup, lols. Sorry for not answering some of you until now. I promise, I have been thinking of you all 🙂


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  4. A great feature post, Harmony! I use Authorgraph for all of my digital books; but have been neglecting to remind my readers about it… Will get going on that. Thanks for the reminder; also, sharing your post on Twitter & Pinterest. 🙂

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  6. I use Authorgraph for my first book. (I’ve been too lazy to add the rest, but I really should.)

    One thing that I really like about the service is that I get an email from them (weekly, I think) telling me what that novel’s Amazon ranking is. As I often forget about my first novel when I’m looking at my Amazon data, this email is really useful. In fact, after the Story Empire Roadshow, that book jumped significantly on the charts, and I didn’t even market it. Really cool feature.

    Thanks for sharing, Harmony.

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    • Hi Craig. I’ve had a couple of requests. I think more would ask if we had a way to embed it in the actual book like a real signed printed copy. I don’t have a picture at the moment but can try and get one 😊

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  7. I’ve heard of Authorgraph before and have seen it in use on the blogs of a few friends, but have never taken the time to look into how to apply it myself. Thanks for the informative post, Harmony!

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  8. Great instructions, Harmony. Making a note to give this a try very soon. Just curious, though. What percentage of your ebook readers ask for an autograph, would you say? I’m wondering how popular it is. Not that I wouldn’t add it anyway, even if it’s a lower percentage, because . . . happy reader. Each one counts. Is there a way to track how often it’s used, or do you just go by how often you personalize one? (If you mentioned this above, and I missed it, I apologize. Having a “bad eyes” morning. 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi Marcia, I’m thrilled you found the post useful. I’ve had a couple of requests only, but as you say, that’s two happy customers! 😊. I think your list of books shows the requests in your Authorgraph dashboard.

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      • Thanks for the extra info, Harmony. Definitely going to set this up, AFTER I get my newest book published. Working on formatting, so hopefully that won’t be too far away. It’s always wonderful to learn from each other. Writers are the most generous people in the world! 🙂

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  9. An useful modern tool! I have been using it since the release of my first book. And it’s easy to add new books.Highly recommended to authors.

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