Spin Your Marketing: The Hub & Spokes Approach

Lately, I’ve been taking a different approach to blogging. The whole activity got stale and I felt like I was getting nowhere with it – much like my social media. I needed a change, a different approach to my blogging and my social media.

Until recently, I viewed my social media and my blog as separate entities that reached people by getting out the word for my writing – a variety of tools to do the job. That’s not a bad thing, it just wasn’t entirely effective. Yes, my blog needs to be active. Yes, my social media needs to be active. But as long as I viewed them as just tools to get the word out, I didn’t fee like I was getting much of anywhere with either one.

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Then, I decided to try something new and different mainly in how I viewed each. What if I used them as one and the same, no separate entities? Mind you this is conceptual since I didn’t change that much of what I do. The concept works like this: use the blog to speak to social media about anything I’m doing. It’s not really different except that it is.

Instead of using social media to push my blog or my books, I decided to use the blog to speak to what I’m doing and what I have to share. There’s a subtle difference. Before, I wrote a blog and used social media to announce to the world that new post was out there. I also used social media to broadcast about my books. I still use social media a lot but what I decided to do was share more from my blog to people on social media. The difference is that when I start to post something, I think in terms of how I’m sharing to social media rather than trumpeting to social media about my new blog post.

Sometimes it’s short and to the point, sometimes it’s a bit more personable. I continue to work on these messages, leading in this direction. You might note what my message is for this post. If not, I’ll share: What turns the wheel of your marketing?

Just asking the question begs for an answer and invites someone to find out. The main point for me is to be mindful of my message, even if it’s a book giveaway.

I view my blog now as a way of sharing something with readers, then sharing the message in a snippet to readers. They can visit if they like but I’m not worried because I shared the message. It’s not about what I do to get viewers to my site as much as it’s about offering my thoughts and what I’m doing from my hub to my spokes (blog to social media). There are short posts about other blogs that I like, short posts about giveaways, and new content about what I’m writing or otherwise doing. I’ve started writing some different content or posting some short stories.

In the near future, I’m likely to post some very different topics just because I’ve been reading about something interesting that I came across while researching. But the main goal is that my blog be the main outreach with social media as the spokes that reach further with the message I’m presenting. I’m still developing my approach but just thinking about it differently makes the effort somehow more meaningful.

It’s frequently advised when marketing on social media to follow the 80/20 rule with social media and that’s probably pretty good to do in general. However, I want it to be more of what I have to share whether it’s from me or someone else that I found interesting. My blog is now my hub for speaking to whoever sees it and is interested.

So, perhaps from now on, you might think a bit differently about your own blog site. Does it feed to FaceBook? Twitter? How about LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+. Then let that message be, not just a trumpet to those feeds but the extension of my shared message. The same is true of any other channel you have. All these should be a trail back to your thoughts where you are inviting people along for the ride of your writing journey and not just the announcement about your books. How you share that message leads to investigation into the longer message.

Sure, your can share about that giveaway, but think of it in terms of sharing something that people may find useful and interesting. Write your social media message in your blog as more than just a title, but also your thoughts, your adventure, your creativity and a bargain or two that helps others.

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Here’s how I go about it. Instead of worrying about sharing something on all my social media, I share my main ideas – those I have or those from other sources, via my blog. My blog is configured to read five social media channels, so I want the message to convey more than the title, link and hashtags. Perhaps I can include a message, thought or question.

If I think it will do well on another form of social media, then I share it there after the post goes live. Very often, people use social media to share points of interest – some very different – just to engage people.

Here’s a quick way to share that message: go to the live post and use all the other share buttons (and you should have as many as you can including some custom ones) to spread the message to your other social media channels that aren’t linked from your blog (see below for more about buttons).

My preference is to share those interesting ideas through my blog as my hub. I consider what the message will be and what hashtags I want to use. You are still getting the word out but through just one main channel: your blog.

Why is this important? You blog is a prime asset to reach your readers. Use it consistently and it does a lot of evergreen work for you. However, if you become concerned with touching all the bases constantly you waste a lot of time and exhaust yourself. Use your blog, even if it’s for short posts, to share anything you find intriguing or helpful. You’ll relax and stop worrying about what posts you have to do and be creative with it. Instead, it’s a place where you go to share and be heard as it sends your thoughts out. This allows variation, creativity, interest, curiosity, value and assistance  to all thrive on your blog. You begin to show through rather than the frantic demand to touch all the bases.

Looking for some extra spots to share your blog sometimes? Here’s a good list you can use as necessary:


You can vary when and why you use these but they all can be helpful to speaking your message. Want to make that easier? Add buttons – even custom buttons – at the end of your blog posts (you can Google who this is done). Then you can share from those buttons quickly and easily to your accounts. Some of those list above don’t work with buttons but some do. Some are great to finding useful subjects to share off your blog (Klout, Medium, Paper.ly). Others will keep your blog posts alive longer like Missinglettr, Klout, Medium, Flipboard or Triberr. Want to pay for extra features to share more? Some of these have that. Paper.ly Pro has newsletter and branding features. Missinglettr will let you share more of your posts in their paid plan.

How can you use your blog as the center of your writer platform more effectively? Can you limit your social media posts  and produce a better overall message at the same time? Where are you inviting people to answer your posts? Me? I’m going to start adding questions for thoughts in my blog message that goes to social media. Leave your ideas in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

P.H. Solomon

26 thoughts on “Spin Your Marketing: The Hub & Spokes Approach

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  2. My blog is definitely the hub for me, but keeping up with all of the other social media outlets is rough to do. I normally start well with all of them, then slack off as time passes. I have my blog set to auto share on Twitter, FB and Google+. I know it’s better to do that manually for engagement, but I can’t seem to find a way to make that fit with working full-time. I also rely a lot of Triberr, but I do that manually, and I just signed up for StumbleUpon. Now all I have to do is learn how to use it, LOL.

    Engagement is definitely key, and that I’m able to do on my blog. Not so much through all of the social media channels.
    A thought-provoking post, P.H!

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  3. I love the concept of MissingLettr and drip campaigns. (If people read Story Empire often, they’ll know that because I blogged about it before.) There are so many good programs that help with social media, but I can’t keep up with all of them (in fact, I’m weeks behind in MissingLettr again) and I probably don’t use each effectively. But I think you’re on the right track with how to use the blog as the center and the rest as spokes of the same message.

    I’m now curious where you (and everyone else) put the newsletter—center or spoke? How do you use your mailing list?

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    • Newsletter = Other wheel? I don’t do enough with them all either but I’m working on it. I’d like to use Paper.ly & Missinglettr with paid accounts to do more than I am but that’s down the road a way. Using my blog this way is simpler for me and helps, especially with the longer tweet here.

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  4. Thanks for an interesting and informative article, P.H. Just the other day, I learned how to add a Stumble Upon button to my blog because it didn’t have one. Google supplied the answer. I too am trying new approaches. As Joan has commented, all of this takes up so much time. And now I need to learn how to use Stumble Upon, lols! I’ll have to take a look at some of those other sites 🙂

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