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Hi, SEers! Mae here today with a topic I hope will be beneficial to a number of readers. Many of you may already know this trick, but I hope you’ll indulge me for those who don’t.

Recently, I did a cover reveal, single day blitz of my upcoming release, Cusp of Night. I had sixteen blog stops in a single day. When the book releases, I’ll prepare individual posts for the wonderful bloggers gracious enough host me, but in this case, I was splashing the same content everywhere.

To make it easier on my hosts—and okay, me too—I sent everyone a pre-formatted HTML post. All sixteen blogs were sharing the same content, so I was able to create a template that everyone received. Basically, “look at my sparkly new cover!” Afterward, several bloggers emailed me to inquire how I had created the post.

It’s amazingly easy. Although the steps below are for WordPress users, Blogger may have something similar if you poke around.

Steps to creating an HTML blog post:

Open the VISUAL editor of your WordPress blog and format the post exactly as you want it to appear. This includes spacing, inserting book covers, photos, graphics, links, etc. When including links, remember to set them to open in a new window.

screenshot of the WordPress visual text editor

Switch to the TEXT editor of your blog and copy your entire document. This will retrieve all the HTML code.

screenshot of the WordPress text editor

Paste the document into MS Word (or your word processor) and SAVE.

It’s that simple.

When you send the post to your blog hosts, instruct them to paste  it into their TEXT editor.  Presto—they have a pre-formatted post without having to do any layout work, insert photos, links, etc.  This makes things easy-peasy for your hosts. And who doesn’t like easy-peasy?

Even when I do this, I still make it a practice to send everything separately (post, photos and graphics, links). Some hosts prefer formatting their own posts to maintain continuity with their blog. For those who want a quick hosting solution this saves a lot of time. I now do this for every blog post I submit to another blogger.

So let’s chat….were you already aware of this trick?  Have you used it before? If not, do you see yourself giving it a try in the future? Do you have any special tricks you employ to save yourself and/your blog hosts time? Time is the enemy of all writers. What steps do you take to circumvent it?

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64 thoughts on “Creating an HTML Blog Post

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  3. I figured this one out not long after I started hosting other people on my site. Once I realised I had to post the provided html into the text editor (how many times did I forget to do that before it stuck in my brain? Way too many) I experimented with reverse-engineering the idea and, presto! An html post to share 😀
    The only issue is when your recipient uses Blogger instead of WordPress. That one I haven’t resolved yet.

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    • The Blogger/WordPress compatibility is a problem.I guess in that case we still have to go about things the old fashioned way until someone figures it out.

      I was pretty much the same way, pasting in from others, and then had that light bulb moment of why don’t I do it in reverse, LOL!

      Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Thanks for the reminder, Mae. I have used it myself before and it makes things easier, although I don’t think it always works if people use another platform rather than WordPress, but sending the standard format should help with that. It is also a possibility to leave the actual post as a draft on WordPress for future reference, although I tend to keep a copy on Word as well.

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    • I’m like you and keep my copies stored in Word, but a draft copy on WP is certainly another way to go. And you’re right about other platforms outside of WP—I haven’t figured that one out yet, but at least being able to share across platform on WordPress is a plus! 🙂


  6. Thanks for sharing this, Mae. I’ve saved it for future reference, though I’ve never done a blog tour. Still, if it makes it easier to do a guest post now and then, I’m willing to give it a go. Seems pretty straightforward. Sharing! 😀

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  7. I learned to do this long ago when I wrote a guest post for another blogger and he requested it in that format. If you are sending the same content to a lot of people, or want your post to look a certain way, it’s definitely the way to go. Sending individual posts takes a smidge longer (because you’re doing individual formatting for each person), but these people are doing you a favor, so it’s worth it if that’s what they want.

    Even when I receive HTML posts, I do a little finessing on my side, so I don’t request or require code from my posters. It does speed things up a bit, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. It is nice when people send the code, though. (And you’re right; providing both HTML and regular text plus graphics is a definite courtesy.)

    Great post, Mae.

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    • Thanks, Staci. It seems we’re all so busy today that anything we can do to help out others who host is is a plus.I take posts either way, too–with or without code–and I always want to leave it up to the host blogger whether they want to use the pre-formatted post or fiddle with content on their end. It’s great to have that flexibility and be able to give bloggers a choice.

      Thanks for sharing!

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    • I wish I knew how to do it in Blogger, Yvette, but it’s been years since I’ve used that platform. Maybe you can Google it???
      I’m sure if it’s doable in WordPress, it has to be doable in Blogger, too! 🙂

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  8. Great post, Mae! I have used this before, and as you say, it is great when you want to send multiple copies of the same info out. As a blogger, I always love it when I can do a simple copy and paste. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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