Five for Friday: Fizzled Marketing Channels of 2018

Happy Friday to all the Story Empire readers! The year is quickly coming to a close with Christmas and New Year’s Day just a matter of a few weeks away. 2018 has been challenging, astounding and fun for the other authors at Story Empire as well as me. With that in mind, I thought I’d share five marketing channels that fizzled for me (an many others) during the year:

  1. Creator Collabs disappeared in the night spring of 2018.

    Creator Collab – this was a social media cross promotion service with both free and paid plans. It basically worked on gaining share points from sharing other people’s social media posts which were used when other people shared your own. It worked well with some impressive reach for social media posts and good traffic to my website and book links. Sadly, it went away in the night without warning as it had in its former iteration during 2017. Losing the social media boost was a blow to my efforts this year and I have not found a replacement for it yet – at least not for free. I suspect it took the dive this time over GDPR.

  2. Readers Gazette – this was a site I used for several years which allowed authors to post their books, share their website/blogs and obtain more social media sharing with scheduled specials for books. It worked very well and I saw some pretty decent traffic from the site for a while. Much like, Creator Collab, it disappeared overnight last spring – just in time for GDPR.  Go figure.
  3. Author Reach – this was an email service just like MailChimp and Mailerlite but geared toward authors. It was still a small service with a better price per thousand subscribers and a better reputation than larger services. After switching to Author Reach, my newsletter grew and experienced more opens and clicks so the better reputation worked. Unfortunately, Author Reach announced that they discontinued their services because they lacked the resources to comply with GDPR so this one was a definite casualty of the changes – too small to deal with the regulations.
  4. StumbleUpon – this social media site had become a solid generator of

    StumbleUpon shuttered its site in 2018.

    traffic throughout last year and into this one. Sharing links and posts to the site often provided some extra visibility and even this site attracted some attention on it. Unfortunately, the site closed this year and recommended its members shift to Mix. All of us at Story Empire made that shift but the results have been, uh, mixed. The site does not seem to have attracted as many members from StumbleUpon so it has not been a solid replacement source of visibility thus far.

  5. Blogging effectiveness – since all these sources of traffic have gone away, my own site has suffered some. Also, with truncated time to spend on writing, I have not dedicated writing to steady posts on Archer’s Aim so it’s been better to let it slide into a site for readers to visit while serving as a place for announcements. Honestly, I think my traffic suffered once GDPR went into affect though my SPAM filter has been inundated (as has Story Empire’s). It seem GDPR has had the opposite effect than intended, creating more SPAM on sites, shutting down legitimate services and narrowing the ability for legitimate communication.

Were you using any of these services? Did you see other marketing channels affected by GDPR or other changes this year? What marketing worked for you?

Thanks for reading today. Please leave your responses in the comments section and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

P.H. Solomon

23 thoughts on “Five for Friday: Fizzled Marketing Channels of 2018

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  3. I was using Creative Collabs and StumbleUpon, but probably not as well as I would have. GDPR also caused a massive headache with Mail Chimp. I finally sent out my first newsletter since the change today. Although I had set up a new list for everyone who opted in, it wasn’t until yesterday that I weeded out everyone who hadn’t elected to opt in. I finally have that mess straightened out to the point where I can start sending newsletters again.

    Facebook challenged an ad I tried to send yesterday (same ad I’ve sent multiple times before) and deactivated my ad manager as a result Rather than tackle another headache, I deactivated my Facebook account. I’ve never been a fan and was only hanging on for sending ads.That is now another avenue gone.

    The biggest help for me this year has been building a following on BookBub.I hope to keep that up in the new year and also blog more regularly.

    Great post today, P.H.!


  4. I’ve done very little in the way of promotion or blogging this year. It hasn’t been an easy year for me and I’ve let that reflect in my writing (or lack of). But like you, I think GDPR has hurt more than it helps.

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  5. My own numbers are a flat line this year. I’ve seen serious growth every year on my blog, but this year is nothing to cheer about. Stumbleupon was awesome, and Mix doesn’t seem to do a thing for me. I’ve shared a bunch of Story Empire posts there too, but never see a click from them in our stats. My own marketing efforts were to blame for sales. I don’t have money to throw at the problem, so free promo is about my limit. I’m going to try to throw some cash at Lanternfish in January. I’d like to get a decent launch out of it.

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    • It’s been a frustrating last half of the year for mine. Can’t seem to find consistent track and the lose of some traffic hurt as several were free. It’s tough to see these fizzle. Hope a little targeting for the release gets you some sales traction when the time comes.

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  6. Yes, it’s been an interesting year for platforms. I miss StumbleUpon massively. I wasn’t using the others.
    I also lost my use of Facebook this year, which proved a blessing in disguise. I don’t miss it. It didn’t change anything marketing or promo wise except free up my time, lol. So, good riddance.
    GDPR was a headache, and it’s affected the amount of spam I get on my blog … huge increase, grrr. And then there was having to go all secure with https. What a year for online. Thanks, PH 🙂


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