Friday Book Share: The Last Fifty Pages

Hello SErs! Harmony here. Today is the day for a book share, and I’ve chosen The Last Fifty Pages by James Scott Bell. Staci Troilo first put me on to this little gem of a book, and it’s now on my writing shelf for easy reference. Thanks, Staci, for the heads-up on this great writing aid.

The Blurb:

“The first page of a book sells that book. The last page sells your next book.” –– Mickey Spillane

What are the secrets for writing a great ending for your novel? How do you leave readers so satisfied that they’ll want another book by you—right now? What tools and techniques can shape your last fifty pages into a powerful, unforgettable experience?

In this book, International Thriller Writers Award winner and #1 bestselling writing teacher James Scott Bell reveals:

• The five types of endings.

• What needs to happen in Act 3.

• How to use the Ah and Uh-Oh emotional wallops.

• A simple technique for crafting twist endings.

• The most important secret of all—resonance.

• The Stew, Brew, Accrue, Do brainstorming method.

• The best way to tie up loose ends.

• The most common ending mistakes, and how to avoid them.

And more. Read this book and you will come away with a thorough knowledge of why great endings work and how to create them for every novel you write.

As well as being full of useful information and tips, it also has a sense of humour that had me laughing out loud. Definitely one I’ll go back to again and again.

If you’re interested in getting a copy, the Amazon links are: UK and US. (These are NOT affiliate links.)


Harmony Kent

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