Planning for Multiple POVs

Ciao, amici. We've been discussing story bibles. So far, in addition to the overview, we've covered the series premise, character sheets, and setting descriptions. Today, I'll be discussing outlines, specifically outlining for multiple POVs. If you only have one POV character, the information still (mostly) applies. You can just eliminate the additional columns. This is … Continue reading Planning for Multiple POVs

That Hero’s Journey Monomyth Thingie, Part Two

Hi gang, Craig here again with part two of my series on story structure. The Hero’s Journey isn’t the only structure, but it’s the most popular. That’s why I’m tackling it. If you missed part one, you can read it here: Part three here: I layer the monomyth over three act structure. That’s … Continue reading That Hero’s Journey Monomyth Thingie, Part Two