Harmony Kent PBG Hunt

Hello and welcome to my part of the scavenger hunt! I’m offering the following great prizes:images

First Place … Amazon Gift Card $15

Second Place … Amazon Gift Card $10

Third Place … FREE ebook copy of one of my books (winner’s choice)

So, step inside my lair if you dare … I promise to keep the spiders locked up 🙂

(At least until after the witching hour!)

 Entry is easy … suspiciously easy, you might think … just what does Harmony have in store for you?

All of the answers can be found on my book  pages on this website. Find the answers, and then fill in the form below when you’re done. Everyone who submits all correct answers will be entered into a random drawing for the prizes. For a bonus entry, please also answer the bonus question!

Winners will be announced at the beginning of November, when we count the survivors (um, excuse me, entrants!)

This scavenger hunt has now ended … winners to be listed soon! 🙂

Good luck. Mwwwhaaahahahaaaa ….