Mae Clair PBG Hunt

Eerie looking hut on hillside at night, ghostly image in front by wrought iron fenceWelcome, friend. Do step inside my lovely little cottage and warm yourself by the fire. Surely you’ve noticed the chill in the air. It’s to be expected this time of year. Night falls earlier with each passing moon. In the village there are whispers many of the old things have returned—winged creatures, and beings as spectral as moonlight, still others that must not be named—all denizens from the dusty annals of myth.

Is that fear I see in your eyes? Be brave, traveler.

I cannot guarantee your safety, but protective wards may be had at the Paranormal Bar and Grille. I advise you tarry here only a brief while, then seek out that fine establishment. You will need to buy a tankard, perhaps offer up a charm to the proprietor, but I will not leave you bereft of baubles. Answer the questions I have transcribed below and you may well win one of the following trinkets:



First Place Bauble:  $15.00 Amazon Gift Card

Second Place Bauble:  $10.00 Amazon Gift Card

Third Place Bauble:  A free ebook copy of Eclipse Lake, Food for Poe, or Solstice Island (Winner’s Choice)

Now choose wisely, then be on your way, and pray that safety follows.