Going from Inspiration to Inception

The first step in writing your masterpiece is idea generation. Without that initial spark of creativity, wherever it comes from, there’s no story. But is it the most crucial part? If the spark can’t be developed past its initial interesting premise, it’s no more than a compelling tidbit. By all means, save it in your inspiration file, but don’t waste your time trying to turn it into something it can never be. The following is a tutorial on going from inspiration to inception.

Idea Generation: Some of the Work is Done for You

Ciao, amici! I wanted to discuss idea generation today. I've always known this was a possibility (and maybe I've even subconsciously done this before), but after a long discussion---and subsequent project assignment---at work, I thought I'd bring it up here. At work, we're all doing an exercise where we're given a very generic outline to write … Continue reading Idea Generation: Some of the Work is Done for You