Going from Inspiration to Inception

The first step in writing your masterpiece is idea generation. Without that initial spark of creativity, wherever it comes from, there’s no story. But is it the most crucial part? If the spark can’t be developed past its initial interesting premise, it’s no more than a compelling tidbit. By all means, save it in your inspiration file, but don’t waste your time trying to turn it into something it can never be. The following is a tutorial on going from inspiration to inception.

To series or not to series? That is the question.

Ciao, amici! It's time for another Friday Writing Question. Today's is a simple one: Series or Standalone? I've written both single titles and sprawling sagas, and I can see a benefit to each. Standalones Sometimes there's only one character to follow, one mystery to solve, one story to tell. Writing a standalone lets you say … Continue reading To series or not to series? That is the question.